Recruitment For Agricultural Industry

    > Technicians

    > Farmers & Fruit Pickers

    > Skilled and unskilled labor

    > Mechanic, Tractor, Forklift Driver

    > Farm Equipment Engineer

    > Irrigation personnel

    > Tractor driver

    > Forklift / Tractor Operator

    > Landscaping Consultants

Farming is a special industry, unlike any other. It delivers food which is essential to our daily lives and part of our rich cultural heritage. It has shaped and colored our unique landscape, and continues to do so.To be in this field requires a thorough understanding of the industry through an aptitude towards exhaustive research and development. We, at AKM provide the companies with highly qualified professionals who have the in-depth understanding of the knitty gritty of the industry.

We provide a time efficient and cost effective service to your business by taking away the hassle of advertising and narrowing down the field of resumes to the top candidates. Open positions can cost your company significant money - we work to fill these positions quickly to benefit everyone involved.

We provide candidates for the various job openings in this industry as follow:

    > Botanists

    > Horticulturists

    > Research Associates (Bio Technology, Genetics and Genomics)

    > Pisciculturists

    > Sericulturists

    > Engineers

    > Animal researcher

    > Farm Project Assistant Supervisor/Planner

    > Research scientist

    > Storekeeper





The professional recruiter at AKM is experienced in agricultural industry and committed to searching and identifying the candidates with applicable skills, that are essential to meeting your specific needs.

Our aim is to provide our clients with value based human resource solutions that are developed through long term partnerships, founded on integrity, desired results, and a passion for excellence. Hence, selectively choose the candidates to fit the needs of our valued customers and create long-term relationships, without compromising on our core values.

With 24 years of experience, you have a company standing behind the manpower service you receive, star-ratings and reviews on every worker, and if you are ever unsatisfied with the worker you received, we have 24/7 customer support and the Happiness Guarantee.

Our workers are background-checked, vetted, and rated by customers like you. You can also read reviews about our workers in advance of planning to recruit through our recruiting service so that you can make sure to work with a top-rated worker.

We are the best at what we do. our workers have special skill, training, knowledge, and usually acquired ability in their work. They have attended a college, university or technical school and learned their skills on the job

We want to make sure our service can fit the needs of your tight schedule. When you demand for workers ( skilled or general workers), you can contact us at your convenient time, and we will be at your disposal.


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